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“Follow me, I will make you fishers of men”.

I am Sr. Roshmita, I come from Orissa (India), we are 4 brothers, I am the youngest  in my family, I grew up with children from Hindu families, so that I got to know their gods more  that Jesus Christ, I went to school with them, and I played with them, I often spent my time  together with them. Every Sunday I went to church with the others, I attended mass, after mass we went to buy sweets with the money given by our parents, because we attended the holy mass.

At the age of 13 I started school in the Salesian Society of  Don Bosco  there was a possibility of  have the catechism. In this time I have known the life of Jesus, every now and then I looked at Jesus Crucified and  the thought arose: who is this Jesus? Why is he on the cross?  but regarding these doubts I had never asked anyone for an explanation. I also knew the story of the life of St. John Bosco and St. Dominic Savio, the thought of St. Domenico Savio who said: "my friends are Jesus and Mary", it touched me so I wanted to make friends with them  and listening to my parents too. In the school the teachers asked us, in the future what do you want to do or what have you decided in your life? my answer immediately was to become a nun but the most intimate desire was to become a footballer. In front of all the students I could not say that I will become the footballer therefore immediately  I replied that I will become a nun. I used to go to the rehearsal every day for the game, but God has his ways that are not mine ... so I could not continue because the parents went for work and I stayed home to be a housewife, Anyway I thought I would resume after the study. After completing my study I didn't know where or what to do, so I waited for the results. While I thought I must continue the test for the football player's game, my brother suggested that I go for the experience at the convent with my cousin who had been  by the Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver. I thought not  I go because I have never talked to the religious, I had only seen the religious  teachers and nurses, I immediately replied to my brother I'm not going because I have no desire to do these things. My family encouraged me by saying that I have to go to experience life at the convent.

  So after the result I entered the convent in Bangalore with someone else  my cousin. At first,  in the life I have seen, the Sisters  talking together I got the impression that they are united with each other, and live like a real family, it edified me that they attracted me to stay with them. At the beginning of the training I was very happy and did everything I had to do with enthusiasm. I learned what vocation is, the English language, how to pray the Rosary, liturgical chants, and prayers. During these years I have known our Foundress, the Charism and our apostolate. After knowing, I truly felt God's call, not only to do great things, or to be a good nun but more important it was for me to live every day with sincerity and save souls for Jesus. In the end I decided to give totally to the Lord my life, so I made my first profession on 6 July 2016. When I see my past life today, that I had a strong desire to be a footballer? Actually I have now become a footballer of the Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver, where I am working and playing together with my sisters to win for God.

Sr Roshmita

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