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Our history

Founded in 1894 by Blessed Maria Teresa Ledóchowska, the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver is an international religious family made up of small communities spread across 27 countries.  


Through missionary animation we involve thousands of people in the evangelizing action of the Church. Directly with the word or through the means of communication, we try to inform about the missions and to form every baptized person in missionary responsibility.

The Foundation of the Congregation of Missionary Sisters  of San Pietro Claver, fits into the extraordinary  development of missionary activity in Africa, which the Church  knew in the second half of the nineteenth century.

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The goal of my life and of the Congregation to which I belong is to make the missions known
and, if possible, root them in every heart.

Blessed Maria Teresa  Ledóchowska 


To carry out the foundation project, God used it  by Maria Teresa Ledóchowska (1863 - 1922) - then a lady  court of Archduchess Alice of Tuscany in Salzburg  - which, inflamed by the words of the great apostle e  Primate of Africa, Cardinal Charles M. Lavigerie, decided  to consecrate one's life to collaborate in salvation  of Africans.

Abandoned the life of the court, with the word and with it  written, he tried to make known to the Christians of Europe  the deplorable situation of Africa, especially of  African woman. Three years of tireless work in solitude  made her understand the need to found a  pious association of lay people wishing to cooperate a  this end. In the audience granted to her on April 29, 1894, the Pope  Leo XIII, approved this project.


First name

“The name was chosen  Sodality of San Pietro Claver  Why  it is placed under the special protection of St. Peter  Claver of the Society of Jesus. This Saint dedicated  his whole life in the service of the poor blacks. Had been  canonized in 1888 by Leo XIII, precisely in the year  in which, by a wonderful disposition of Divine Providence  - behind the fervent words of card. Lavigerie - the first spark for the foundation fell in a poor man  human heart and lit it "  


(Maria Teresa Ledóchowska,  Notes on the Sodality of San Pietro Claver, 1901).


Religious congregation

Three years later, Maria Teresa Ledóchowska, docile  to Divine Providence, he converted the Sodality into one  Female religious congregation. On April 16, 1897 the archbishop  of Salzburg, card. Johannes Haller, agreed  the first  Constitutions, based on the  Rule of St. Ignatius  by Loyola. In his hands the Foundress together with  the first companion, Melania von Ernst, issued the first  Religious profession and the Sodality of St. Peter Claver  it became a religious congregation of diocesan right.

On 25 June 1901 the Congregation passed under the dependence  of Propaganda Fide (today Congregation for  the Evangelization of Peoples), his general house in 1902  she was transferred from Salzburg to Rome and on 7 March  1910 - final approval of the Saint obtained  Headquarters - the Sodality of St. Peter Claver (today the Congregation  of the Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver),  it became a religious congregation of pontifical right.

Beatification of the Foundress


Maria Teresa Ledóchowska died in Rome on 6 July 1922. Il  January 26, 1945, at the request of numerous Bishops and faithful,  the process of his beatification was opened. Thirty years  later, on World Mission Sunday, October 19  1975 in Rome, Pope Paul VI proclaimed her Blessed.


At the service of the missionary Church


After the Second Vatican Council, the Congregation extended  its missionary cooperation activities also  to other Continents. Currently its internal members  (religious) and external (lay people, in various associated ways  to the Congregation) work on five continents, in  conformity to the specific charism of the Foundress, that is,  missionary animation aimed at informing and forming  Christians to cooperate in the work of evangelization  of the church.

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